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  • De-centralized General Broadcast Chan

We now have an alternative to the centralized "General" Chan.

It is the "general" broadcast address and has no central client that has to re-work the PoW. Instead of sending a message to an address and it broadcasting it out to all subscribers (Which is great and serves a purpose) you broadcast from an address and everyone subscribed will get a copy.

To join/participate please do the following

File > Regenerate Deterministic Address

Passphrase: general

Number of addresses to make:

Address version number: 3

Stream Number: 1

Spend several minutes of extra computing time... : No/Unchecked

It should generate this address:BM-2DAV89w336ovy6BUJnfVRD5B9qipFbRgmr

Now subscribe to the address and you are set  Remember, when you reply or send a new message you must check "Broadcast to everyone who is subscribed to your address".

  • Other Chans

Dig through this forum post to find more: