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This page is intended to provide information and other resources that are useful for Bitmessage developers.

Protocol Information

Protocol specification:

Encryption scheme:

Proof of Work scheme:

Bitmessage White Paper:

Bitmessage Technical Paper (Note: not updated for protocol version 3):


Full Node Implementations

PyBitmessage (Reference Client) (Python):

bitmessaged (C++):

Lite Client Implementations

Bitseal (Java):

Notbit (C):

Bmr (Javascript):

Web Clients

Blinked (Javascript): (Javascript):

Gateway Services

Incomplete Implementations

libbitmessage (C++):

bitmessage-go (Go):

cppbitmessage (C++):

JBitmessage (Java):

SharpBitmessage (C#):

Bitmessage-js (Javascript):

Scripts and Utilities

PyBitmessage Plugins

Bitmessage PHP class - Bitmessage PHP Class to control PyBitmessage daemon using xmlrpc -

bmwrapper - email wrapper for PyBitmessage:

BitCrypt - Encrypts and decrypts PyBitmessage .dat files:

BitUpdate - Automatically update PyBitmessage:


bitmessage-powfaster - Bitmessage Proof Of Work optimizations including OpenCL and C based PoW code:

BitMailServer - Bitmesssage to Email Gateway:

BitDNS - Bitmessage DNS and Namecoin integration:

BitCenter - Powerful Bitmessage message processing:

BitHTTP - HTTP proxy over Bitmessage:

BinSend - Send and decode binary attachments via Bitmessage:

BitMessageForum - Browse your bitmessages via a forum-like UI: