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This page lists the extra 'hidden' options of which you can make use by adding them to your keys.dat file in the bitmessagesettings section. These options are either not set by default or are not documented at all.

Possible options

Version Name Values Documentation Description
? maxcores integer undocumented Use no more than this many threads/cores to calculate proofs of work.
? trustedpeer IP:Port undocumented Connect to the specified node and only the specified node. Useful if you trust a node on your local network and want to sync to it quickly. Disallows incoming connections. Disables the built-in timing attack mitigation mechanism.
0.2.7 apienabled true/false API Reference Turns the API on or off
0.2.7 apiport integer API Reference Port number to listen on (0-65535)
0.2.7 apiinterface IP API Reference IP address of a local interface. for localhost only access and for all interfaces.
0.2.7 apiusername string API Reference Username to access the API
0.2.7 apipassword string API Reference password to access the API

enabling options

To enable an option, the keys.dat must be edited. Lines of the format

name = Value

can be added. Please be aware of the spacing around the equal sign