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About me

I am a bitmessage user since early april 2013 and I am providing multiple free services to bitmessage users worldwide, including E-Mail gateway and the timeservice broadcast, the probably oldest broadcasting service still active.

I administer this wiki and keep it clean from spam.




You may subscribe to this address and receive time messages. The service broadcasts the current UTC time every 10 minutes, causing to be a network hartbeat.

24x7 List

Address: BM-GuRLKDhQA5hAhE6PDQpkcvbtt1AuXAdQ

A Mailing list that is up 24x7. Has no specific subject.


Allows users to use bitmessage without a bitmessage client. It converts bitmessages to E-Mail and vice versa. It can be accessed via the webmail or any E-Mail client. Has TOR and HTTPS support


Location: or Official Forum

Address: BM-GtkZoid3xpTUnwxezDfpWtYAfY6vgyHd

A Pastebin alternative via Bitmessage.


Location: Official Forum

The same as but all packed in a local Windows application, not requiring to use a third party service. Contains advanced options to make messages readable for bitmessage users. The forum page contains all required informations to set it up.


Location: Official Forum

Allows encryption of the keys.dat file, preventing it from being stolen.


Location: Official Forum BitSign download page

Allows users to download signed versions of bitmessage to prevent it from being modified in mid-transmission. The signed version is updated once per hour. Additionally, serves as mirror for the client


Location: Official Forum

Provides DNS inclusion for bitmessage addresses