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An Address block is an entry in the clients keys.dat file. It looks like this:

[Bitmessage address in format BM-...]
label = Name of Address shown in client (only visible to the user)
enabled = true/false (disabled addresses will not even try to decrypt/send messages)
decoy = true/false (serves no purpose at the moment)
chan = true/false  (Sets an address as DML and allows it to be a receiver of your own messages)
privsigningkey = Hex representation of the key to sign message
privencryptionkey = Hex representation of the key to encrypt message
lastpubkeysendtime = Unix timestamp of last key broadcast
noncetrialsperbyte = Integer showing difficulty (320 x difficulty from settings)
payloadlengthextrabytes = Integer showing extra bytes required (14000 x small difficulty from settings)

Some values may not be present, if the Address was generated with earlier versions of the client.


Editing an Address Block can be dangerous. Users are advised to back up the keys.dat before doing so.


Deleting the address block removes the address from the client. More Information, when or why this should be done can be found in the plausible deniability article.