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I want a "backup my data" button...

Remove illegitimate request

Someone had a really stupid feature request: "at the cost of getting scorned, but dead serious: a controlled backdoor, with an automatic audit trail, to be used by lawful agencies for keeping us safe. Bitcoin by design supports criminal activities, which undermine the community. A community messaging system should have a way of cleaning itself."

Did anyone takes this request seriously?, it shouldn't even get published. The government and its law agencies are the biggest threat to privacy and freedom of speech, if you have no privacy from the government you don't really have any kind of privacy. he/she want to be 'safe' with a backdoor?, like seriously?. Someone should just show this person how to open an email account in a regular email provider.

The request should be removed because it can destroy the trust users have in bitmessage. it should be OBVIOUS that the developers wouldn't even consider to do something like hurting the privacy of the users on purpose. --FreeSpirit (talk) 20:39, 21 April 2020 (UTC)