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From the hashing section:


9b71d224bd62f3785d96d46ad3ea3d73319bfbc2890caadae2dff72519673ca72323c3d99ba5c11d7c7acc6e14b8c5da0c4663475c2e5c3adef46f73bcdec043(first round is sha-256)

79a324faeebcbf9849f310545ed531556882487e (with ripemd-160)

This is incorrect.


is 'hello' hashed with sha-512. The text indicates that this is sha-256.

I can't fix this because I'm not sure which it's actually supposed to be.

It is supposed to be sha-512. Apatomoose (talk) 13:26, 20 August 2013 (CDT)