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The Bitmessage Policy is a collection of simple guidelines for handling articles


Detection and deletion of spam articles

What to do

Users can replace the content of spam Articles with


The Administrator will check these once or twice a day and delete obvious spam messages. Please add the signature (two dashes and 4 tilde)


  • Advertisments for any sort of non-BM product
  • Bitmessage services which are not open for general or accept any sort of payment/donations
  • Other commercial articles that intend to sell goods or services.

Unrelated content

This wiki is meant as an introduction point for developers and users. It focuses on the protocol and the PyBitmessage client.

What to do

Send User:AyrA a message if you believe that an article does not fits into the wiki.


  • Exploits in the Bitmessage protocol, which are not specific to bitmessage but apply to other services too (DDoS, SYN-Flood...)
  • 3rd party applications and services by users, for example E-Mail and web front ends. Post them in the official forum instead.

Bad articles

Do not flag badly written articles for spam/deletion. Instead try to improve it or add the stub template to it.